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The following methods allow for interaction into the
:devportal:`agent config <agent-config>` API endpoints.

Methods available on ``tio.agent_config``:

.. rst-class:: hide-signature
.. autoclass:: AgentConfigAPI

    .. automethod:: edit
    .. automethod:: details
from .base import TIOEndpoint

[docs]class AgentConfigAPI(TIOEndpoint):
[docs] def edit(self, scanner_id=1, software_update=None, auto_unlink=None): ''' Edits the agent configuration. :devportal:`agent-config: edit <agent-config-details>` Args: scanner_id (int, optional): The scanner ID. software_update (bool, optional): If True, software updates are enabled for agents (exclusions may override this). If false, software updates for all agents are disabled. auto_unlink (int, optional): If true, agent auto-unlinking is enabled, allowing agents to automatically unlink themselves after a given period of time. If the value is 0 or false, auto-unlinking is disabled. True values are between 1 and 365. Returns: :obj:`dict`: Dictionary of the applied settings is returned if successfully applied. Examples: Enabling auto-unlinking for agents after 30 days: >>> tio.agent_config.edit(auto_unlink=30) Disabling auto-unlinking for agents: >>> tio.agent_config.edit(auto_unlink=False) Enabling software updates for agents: >>> tio.agent_config.edit(software_update=True) ''' # Lets build the dictionary that we will present to the API... payload = {'auto_unlink': {}} if not scanner_id: scanner_id = 1 if self._check('software_update', software_update, bool): payload['software_update'] = software_update if auto_unlink: payload['auto_unlink']['enabled'] = True payload['auto_unlink']['expiration'] = self._check( 'auto_unlink', auto_unlink, int, [False] + list(range(1, 366))) elif auto_unlink in [False, 0]: payload['auto_unlink']['enabled'] = False # Now to run the API call and get the response return self._api.put( 'scanners/{}/agents/config'.format( self._check('scanner_id', scanner_id, int) )).json()
[docs] def details(self, scanner_id=1): ''' Returns the current agent configuration. :devportal:`agent-config: details <agent-config-edit>` Args: scanner_id (int, optional): The scanner ID. Returns: :obj:`dict`: Dictionary of the current settings. Examples: >>> details = tio.agent_config.details() >>> pprint(details) ''' if not scanner_id: scanner_id = 1 return self._api.get( 'scanners/{}/agents/config'.format( self._check('scanner_id', scanner_id, int) )).json()