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The following methods allow for interaction into the
:devportal:`server <server>` API endpoints.

Methods available on ``tio.server``:

.. rst-class:: hide-signature
.. autoclass:: ServerAPI

    .. automethod:: properties
    .. automethod:: status
from .base import TIOEndpoint

[docs]class ServerAPI(TIOEndpoint):
[docs] def properties(self): ''' Retrieves the various properties used within the instance. :devportal:`server: properties <server-properties>` Returns: :obj:`dict`: The server properties. Examples: >>> props = >>> pprint(props) ''' return self._api.get('server/properties').json()
[docs] def status(self): ''' Retrieves the server status of the instance. :devportal:`server: status <server-status>` Returns: :obj:`dict`: The server status. Examples: >>> status = tio.server.status() >>> pprint(status) ''' return self._api.get('server/status').json()